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[RILIS BUKU] Aryo-Semitic Philology: the Semitization of Vedas and Sanskrit Elements in Hebrew and Abrahamic Texts

Shalom ‘aleychem Assalamu ‘alaykum RILIS BUKU Segera akan terbit dan rilis buku saya yang amat penting, demi menunjang materi perkuliahan, khususnya mata kuliah (1) Philology, (2) Lexicography. Buku yang akan rilis tersebut berjudul Aryo-Semitic Philology: the Semitization of Vedas and … Continue reading

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Do Kabalah really teach Divine Messiah?

  Christian missionaries masquerading as Jews appeal to Kabalah that the Messiah is Hashem and therefore an object of worship. What Kabalistic masters really taught with regards to absolute unity of Hashem, and how we cannot apply any corporeality to … Continue reading

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Nuzul Al Qur’an & Nuzul At Tawraat (Shavuot)

Narrated by Abu Said, the freed slave of Bani Hashim, narrated by Imran Abu Awwam , from Qatada , from Abu Maleeh , from Waathilah bin Asqa that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “The suhufs of Abraham, upon him be … Continue reading

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