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Quran dalam Bahasa Kuno

Shalom ‘aleychem Assalamu ‘alaykum Quran dalam Bahasa Kuno בסמ ללה אלרחמן אלרחים Anda bisa bayangkan bagaimana ادم ( Adam ) berbicara kepada istrinya, serta Habil berbicara kepada Qabil (Kain) pada masa lalu? Anda juga bisa bayangkan bagaimana نوح ( Nuh … Continue reading

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The forgotten root: “They know him as they know their son”

Scriptures  are not just text of revelation which one must understand within the border of sacred theological paradigm  but it can also be approached as a collective memory of a profane history.  In this context one should not neglect to … Continue reading

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