Open letter to Rav Tovia Singer

בסם אללה אלרחמ אלר חים

In the Name of Hashem, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The Yeshiva Institute


Dear Rav Tovia Singer,

As-Salamu alaykumShalom Alechem

We hope this message finds you well. You have made statement on your willingness to work with Islamic organisations  in order to help the believers to respond to christian missionaries. We, The Yeshiva Institute, an academic community  whose member are  muslims of jewish ancestry as well as muslims who  are specialist in hebrew and Christian texts dedicated to the study of true message of the scriptures from Allah/Hashem, Insha Allah B’Ezrat Hashem, are ready to work with you and your organisation in order to pursue this objective.

The Yeshiva Institute Shall also be ready to work hand in hand with Indonesia’s Eitz Chaimto combat christian missionaries who are making deceitful approach of evangelism taking the form of Arabic culture (Arabic Christianiy)  to lure Muslims or  masquerading as Jewish (Messianic Christianiy) to lure jews in Indonesia. The Yeshiva Institute  also committed with all means to respond to to your call in the following ways:

  1. The Yeshiva Institute shall disseminate and champion the idea of shared foundation of Judaism and Islam among traditional Islamic schools (the Pesantrens), Islamic organisations, and campuses of Islamic university in Indonesia that: (1) Judaism and Islam are both unsullied monotheistic religion,  (2) Islamic law Sharia and Rabbinic law Halacha are essentially the same. Therefore since christianity believe in the doctrine trinity  and their outright rejection in  Sharia and Halacha and thus compromising genuine Abrahamic monotheism, therefore they should rather be presented as pseudo-Abrahamic faith.
  2. The Yeshiva Institute shall teach and  publicise Rabbinic and  Quranic teaching which share common ground and  disseminate Rabbinical books among Islamic scholars and academics in Indonesia.
  3. The Yeshiva Institute shall embrace modern social media technology in order to raise awareness among muslims in Indonesia that Judaism is nothing to do with the Political affair in the middle-east and therefore can not be associated with the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.
  4. The Yeshiva Institute shall  revive and educate the use of  Judeo-Arabic among  Indonesian muslims as an important Sephardic cultural heritage and treat it as part of larger Indonesian heritage. This is because of the fact of early migration Sephardic diaspora at the same time with the Yemenite Muslims in pre-collonial time to Indonesia.

These three points are vital for the future relations between Jews and Muslims in Indonesia and  the Islamic world. We suffer from disunity and discord, and must reaffirm our unity asbnei Yismhael and bnei Yitzhak as the children of Abraham.

We hope you are in favour with our heartfelt response and soon can start to find a way on how to put this effort together.

Sincerely yours,

Menachem Ali &  Eric bin Kisam

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