About Us


The Yeshiva Institute was formally established in 2012 in Indonesia by a group of muslims of jewish ancestry as well as muslims who  are specialist in hebrew and Christian texts lead by  Menachem Eliyahu (a.k.a Mochammad Ali), S.S., M.A. Min., a philologist and lecturer in the study of near eastern languages in Airlangga University faculty of humanities , in order to counter aggressive missionary works among muslims and educate muslims and christians the truth of Islam which is based on Hebrew and Christian texts.

The Yeshiva Institute also provides training programs for the following topics

  • Christology in the Perspective of Islam and Judaeo-Christianity
  • Conversational Evangelism: How to give da’wa to Christians using the Bible and How to respond to Christian Objections about Islam
  • Interfaith Dialogue: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Bible Studies: Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation for University Students
  • Quranic Studies: Linguistics and Quranic Interpretation for University Students

For more info: info@yeshivainstitute.net