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Targum Onkelos and Pirke de Rav Eliezer

Onkelos who is called Akilas in the Talmud, he converted to Judaism right before the Bar-Kochva revolt, and was a disciple of Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef (17 – 137 CE.), a Tannaitic generation of the latter part of 1st century … Continue reading

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Hindeya-raba (הנדיא רבא) dan Makah-raba (מכה רבא) dalam Targum dan Tradisi Yahudi.

שלום עליכם السلام عليكم Dalam riset linguistic, Prof. James Barr, Ph.D., penulis buku “Comparative Philology and the Text of the Old Testament” (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1968) menyebutkan adanya hegemoni loanwords and words of non-Semitic origin dalam teks Perjanjian Lama … Continue reading

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